VISI Reverse 2.1

VISI Reverse is a high level software solution for 3D reverse engineering
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VERO International Software (UK) Ltd.
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VISI Reverse is a high level software solution at an affordable price for 3D reverse engineering, 3D geometry reconstruction, topography, medical applications and many other disciplines. The 3D point cloud used to construct the 3D model can come from any measurement system or technology including 3D scanners, digitizer, CMM, laser point, laser trackers, laser plane (laser triangulation), time-of-flight laser (lasergrammetry), photogrammetry or stereophotogrammetry.
Features at a glance:
- Dynamic mesh generation from point cloud
- Point cloud merge and registration
- Geometry rebuild from limited point data
- Accurate curvature meshing
- Non-manifold geometry correction
- Mesh offset
- Mesh cut with curve
- Automatic edge recognition
- Management of edges, curves and surfaces
- Automatic surface generation
- Evaluation of point cloud approximation

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